Easter…..He is Risen!

Thanks to all of you who asked us to create this blog. I’m so grateful we took the challenge. We would have forgotten so much of our travels if we weren’t documenting our experiences. However, sometimes we can’t get the blogs out because of challenges with the internet. We do carry our own hotspot which helps bunches. Also, finding time to write and post around the edges of our travels is challenging so I’m sorry for the lag time between activity and post. I’ll try to catch up.

Anyway, before I finish writing about Desert Hot Springs I must share Easter Sunday which was also my birthday (Marian). Thanks everyone for your birthday wishes. Jim wanted to make it special for me so he found that we could go to the top of the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway at Mount San Jacinto State Park for an Easter sunrise service.



We got up at 2:30am to be at the tram by 4:00am. There was already a nice crowd there anticipating the special morning. The hosts had the restaurant set up like a church and every chair was filled. The worship music was wonderful, and a precious message was presented by a local pastor. We were delighted that a family we told about the event at the pool showed up too. The sky was getting light when the service closed and we were all invited to go outside and see the sunrise. We had dressed warm but the temperature was cool but lovely.



(Jim’s addition) I remember waking up with such a sense of excitement and expectancy as we prepared to go to the mountain early in the morning to commemorate the empty grave. It was special since it was sunrise service celebrating the Son’s rise and victory. It was also special since it was Easter Sunday and Marian’s birthday all rolled into one very special day. I was shooting for a very special day for my bride of more than 44 years. As she described it was spectacular. When checking into our RV park we were given such a warm greeting by the man in the security gate. In visiting with him I found that he was pastoring a RV park church service at another park. It was very special to finish our mountain experience in time to attend a second Easter service with this new couple. All part of the family of those who love to worship our gracious, merciful, victorious, risen Lord. I think the day was special for her, I  know it was for me.


The sun is rising.


The Son is Risen










When the sun’s first sliver of orange pierced just above the horizon everyone gasped and cheered. Interesting. The sun does the same thing every day, but that day its meaning was so much more powerful. He lives. The music of voices in awe of the spectacle was much like when a first firework blasts into the sky, only more reverent.

We watched with our new friends as the big orange circle completely evolved. Then we were served a delicious breakfast buffet. Once stuffed, we strolled around the beauty of the forest. The camouflage colors of the granite rock mesmerized me. The scent of the pine forest must surely have healing qualities.

We hadn’t seen the views going up in the dark from the tram that has a rotating floor which circled several times as we dropped 8,515 feet.

A young woman and her mother and brother got into the car as we did. They were having a heated discussion in Spanish. The girl went to the center where there was a pole to hang on to. She sat down on the floor and covered her head with her coat. They discussed it was only a ten minute ride to the bottom. I saw the fear on the girl and was reminded of myself years ago. I had missed so many wonderful opportunities because fear held me captive. So I stepped over to the mother and asked if I could pray for her daughter. She said yes. I told the spirit of fear to let her go, and declared she would never again miss the wonderful things God wants to show her. She rode a few more minutes in her hiding place. Then she got up smiling as she chatted with her mother. The opportunity to help someone get free is the best birthday gift of all.

The morning was still early so we changed out of our warm clothes and joined an RV park’s church. They sang happy birthday to me. Wasn’t that sweet? We love being with God’s people. They are instant family wherever we go.

Traveling blessed.