San Antonio, Texas

We passed through San Antonio as we traveled south.  Home of the Alamo, Sea World, the River Walk, and all the things big cities have to offer. This time we stayed near The Trail of Missions so decided we should check them out. We learned they are part of the National Park system for those of you filling your books with National Park stamps.

There are still five missions that were built along the San Antonio River only a few miles apart. The Alamo is the furthest north and is now in a busy part of town. To stand on that hallowed ground where 170 people gave their lives was humbling.

Spain and the Catholic Church established each community in the mid-seventeen hundreds. The info said they trained the natives to be good citizens of the crown and to protect them as they took over their country.

The buildings are still beautiful. Here are pictures. I paused to imagine the land I stood on was Mexico belonging to Spain at the time the places and people prospered with fertile soil, many skills, and God in the center of their society.









For a young state Texas has been under the flag of six different countries.

For those who are tracking our movement we are leaving San Antonio to head south to the Rio Grande Valley and spend some time with friends at Alamo, TX. From there we are off to Big Bend National Park and points west.