The Adventure of RV Travel

These are some of the adventures from our friends life on the road. They started full time travel last year in a motor coach pulling his truck on a brand new dolly. After we were with them last time they were driving down the highway and people started waving with warnings of something wrong behind them. A guy yelled out his window, “You’ve been starting fires along the highway.”  They pulled off the road and their dolly had broken and was dragging. The truck was barely hanging on, and sparks were flying from the metal dragging on the highway catching the dry weeds along the roadside on fire.

A policeman came by and said not to try to put the fire out. They should wait for the fire department. But the firemen were going to take a while so they grabbed a fire extinguisher and went to work knowing the whole field could be aflame quickly.

Once that was finished they called the manufacturer since it was still under warranty.  They were told it could be fixed if they would ship it to the manufacturer.  With no backing there they looked for local help to retrieve and repair it.  They found the price to take it in and repair was more than it cost new.   They asked the tow guy to pick it up whenever he had time and he could keep it.

Another incident came when they were traveling in Wyoming. One evening he decided he wanted to camp by a river stream. They needed gas so he stopped to fill up. While standing with the nozzle in hand the awning over his head opened. Looking in amazement he questioned if anyone had pushed the button inside the RV, but that hadn’t happened. They couldn’t get the huge covering to close. Needing to pull away from the gas pumps he decided to drive slowly forward out of the way and sleep in the parking lot overnight. Next morning when they looked out the window there was a river running by.

They called their repair service and were told it was a relay that failed. Since they could not travel without repair they needed to bypass the relay per instructions from the manufacturer.            After stripping some copper wire they held them against  the contacts and powered them with a battery from a cordless drill.   When powered the awning rolled into place, but he screamed as the bare wire heated enough to burn his fingers and thumbs leaving deep black burns. She was laughing as she told us, “I smelled flesh burning and knew something was wrong. We both knew better than to touch bare wires.” As she finished those words he said, “See how she’s laughing? That’s exactly how she laughed while my fingers were burning.


Last night a wind came up so Jim got up to check on our lawn chairs and awning. The control was set to retract automatically if the wind picks up unexpectedly. Ours didn’t so Jim pushed the button to make it retract. The night silence filled with the rat-a-tat-tat of a machine gun going off. Our neighbors and I were startled out of our sleep trying to figure out what was happening. The motor failed.  Now we too have to get our awning repaired.  We’ll wait for the professionals.