Statesville, North Carolina

We turned inland to visit Jim’s co-worker, Frank and his wife Dana. They lived in Rockford, IL when we did and the guys flew all over the U.S. and other countries together for twenty years, so there was much catching up and reminiscing to do. We enjoyed being with them again.

The Mooresville area is known as home for many of the successful Nascar race drivers. Those who enjoy boating have huge Lake Norman for water sports.

Charlotte is about thirty miles south so we picked out a couple of spots to visit as tourists. First stop was the Billy Graham Library. We had no idea what to expect. The whole experience was first class from the guy who greeted us at the front gate to the good-byes as we left. A cow introduced itself and welcomed us.



We moved room-to-room experiencing the years of Billy Graham’s ministry. But the whole experience was never about the man as much as how God used a man who was willing. My favorite part was the room with the Berlin wall. I didn’t know God used one of Billy Graham’s crusades to ignite the people to tear down the wall to be free.

The family home is one the property as well as the family cemetery.

We found the Nascar Hall of Fame in downtown Charlotte. Race fans would love the interactive museum. I’m not really a fan but I did enjoy seeing how they built the cars to protect the drivers, and all the protective fireproof clothing right down to the underwear.



Prohibition and bootleggers racing through the mountains and back roads with their moonshine was the beginning of Nascar. The cars got faster and faster until (of course) they began racing at Daytona Beach. People would sit on the beach hills and watch. The crowds got so large organizers realized people would pay to watch them race. Nascar was born.

The museum took us from the moonshine runners to the awesome trailer trucks that travel the race circuits today. They have all sorts of interactive activities I thought children would like but most everyone enjoying them was an adult.

Reading about Charlotte I learned it has the seventh busiest airport in the nation. As it turned out we needed to use it. Jim’s ninety-five year old aunt Vivian died. We were able to get tickets to Kansas City for her funeral. It is always a joy to be with our family and friends again, too.

We never know what each day will hold.

Traveling Blessed USA