Genesis……In the beginning

RV Jeep PhotoAfter weeks of packing, sorting, storing, selling and giving away more than one couple could ever use, we were ready to live in our motor coach. But wait. We had moved so many things into our home on wheels we could barely get to the bedroom. We faced another challenging project. How could we stow all the things we thought we would need or just wanted to take along. After all, we worked hard to be conscious of limited space and too much weight. But we didn’t fit.

Looking at each other with what seemed to be question marks across our face, our hearts sank. We were too tired to find a solution. But we’d come so far. Taking a deep breath to find one more little spark of energy I had a suggestion.

“Okay, let’s think minimalist. What do we really need and want with us. We plan to be back in nine months. How many books will I really read by then. How many clothes could I do without?”

We started sorting and packing again.

But let me back up a bit. After all we’re talking about traveling blessed. We have felt through the whole process that God was leading us into something new. I thought when Jim retired he wanted to stay in our home in Fort Worth, Texas forever. He had traveled to much of the world so it seemed reasonable that he would want to stop going.

Also we had a Minnie Winnie when our four children were young. To me it was more work than it was worth so I had no desire to do such a thing again. (Of course four children are a lot of work no matter where you are.)But if you’ve ever experienced God’s leading you to change you know it doesn’t necessarily make any sense.

We had been traveling other counties and wondering if we might want to live in one of them. But each time we considered the beautiful places around the world a thought would came to me, I haven’t really seen all my own country yet. When I shared that thought with Jim, he responded, “Well, let’s go see it.”

Deciding on a motor coach was another surprise. I think I was still dragging my feet as Jim began to shop the internet. He questioned what I would like to have if we bought one.

Stretching my thoughts to the ridiculous I asked,  “Do they make them with a bath and a half? That would be handy.”

He scanned the sight. “Yes, they do.”

“Lots of slide outs would be nice. Especially if we’re really going to live in it.”

“Here’s one with four slide outs.”

Wow. That’s ridiculous. “Is there such a thing as a washer and dryer? How about good size refrigerators?”

The answers continued to be Yes. Who knew?

So we talked to people with experience and learned many of them were on their third and forth camper. They had started small and moved up. That sounded logical. Maybe we should progress as they had? But we never do what’s normal. We were considering living full time in our rolling home so we would get what we wanted to start. After all, we only planned to travel a couple years. Wonder if that will be true. So we ended up with a used 2009 Jayco Insignia Motor Home. It is lovely.

Anyway, next morning we were weary at the thought of another day of dealing with stuff when a light shined through a tiny text. Our friends, Barb and Mark Clark, wanted to join us with their RV for a couple of days before we got too far away. Those words were like a kick in the pants from God to get us in gear. We jumped in and miraculously finished. There was even time to have guests in before leaving.

So we’ve started. If you’re someone thinking of traveling in a motor coach and have questions we have a little experience now. Or if you’re experienced you might have advice we can use. Let us know. We welcome your input.

Off to an adventure traveling blessed USA.