Bentsen Palms Resort, Mission, Texas

The end of June is upon us and we have failed to get this blog going again. I will try to catch up on the highlights of what we have been doing but the time frame will be messed up for a bit.

I’m writing about our slow start traveling this spring because all people living this lifestyle have their stories of woe that delayed trips.

Jim finished his work camper duties in January. We considered starting out but the winter snows and weather was crazy so we decided to stay in our lovely place of palm trees, friends, and activities. After our decision, a weed eater threw a rock into the driver’s side of our window and it was shattered. No problem, everyone did what was necessary to order a replacement, only the outside of the double pane shredded, so we continued enjoying the warm weather, pickle ball, bike rides, visiting with friends, trips to Mexico, etc.

Several weeks later a window arrived. The window guy pulled it out of the giant wood box and said, “This isn’t the right window.” So it was back to the drawing board. Another window was ordered. March came and number two window showed up. That one wasn’t right either. A third try. Everyone was working so hard to get the thing fixed but when that one came our hearts sank. Still wrong. Jim started talking to everyone involved and they knew the right window had been shipped to the correct people. After more research they found they had two windows come in and had sent the wrong one. Window number four was finally correct. By then we were into April. A slow start for our spring travel.

Finally, we were ready to leave. We were one of the few still left in the park. We headed toward Fort Worth to regroup and catch up with family and friends. On our way to San Antonio we hear a bang like a gunshot. We wondered where it came from but we were fine so kept going.

Jim went out the next morning preparing to leave and found a tire had blown. People don’t normally change RV tires themselves. They are huge and heavy, and need to be pulled out of the most difficult places underneath. This travel year was not getting off to a good start. However, the second person he called said he could come right out. He was there in just a few minutes, personally handled that big tire, got it changed, and we were very grateful to be ready to go so easily.

Driving to Fort Worth, and knowing how many miles we were planning to travel this summer, Jim decided new tires should be part of our stop too.

So, hopefully this is the only “fix stuff on the RV” stories we have this year.

Traveling Blessed USA


Thanksgiving……Hope you had a Happy One.

Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort, Mission, Texas

Marian write,

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

We enjoyed a beautiful seventy-five degree day with a Thanksgiving feast here at the park. Around eighty people gathered to celebrate and get better acquainted. Jim and I thought we should share the theme song for the day.


Happy Holidays from Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort

Sung to Winter Wonderland


Palm Trees wave, are you listenin’

In the pool, water’s glistenin’

A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight

Livin’ in a Texas wonderland.


Gone away is the blizzard

Here to stay is the lizard.

A warm sunny day,

We like it that way

Livin’ in a Texas Wonderland.


In the valley we will have a picnic

Palm trees, birds, butterflies and sun

Christmas dinner is an old tradition

Its pinto beans and tacos by the ton.


Later on we’ll perspire

As the temp rises higher

A warm sunny day

We like it that way,

Livin’ in a Texas wonderland.


Sorry, we couldn’t resist sharing.

We came here to try out being work campers. After waiting two weeks to find out what our job description would be Jim was asked to man the model home at Retama Village three days a week. It was a great fit for him as he enjoys meeting all the people that come through.

His work takes care of our job commitment so I have time to use the craft room, (there is also a woodworking shop) go to exercise classes, and roam the citrus garden to see what is waiting to be harvested. Grapefruit and oranges weigh the branches to the ground right now. So delicious.

The owner of the area takes volunteers and people interested in buying here on a tour. The picture is of the transportation we traveled in. I had been warned not to sit on an outside seat because the mud flies and brushes smack you, so I sat in the first seat in the middle. I still got a branch across the face.


Mike, the owner, has 2600 acres here. He donated the land for the National Butterfly Sanctuary and the National Bird Sanctuary. He built a city park with ball diamonds, a pond for birds and fishing, etc. There is about twenty miles of bike paths. He also donated land for a veteran cemetery.

The school system wasn’t good in this area so he connected with IDEA schools and there are now thirty-six schools in the area with a waiting list of 18,000. Because the schools have been so successful the public school system decided to make the necessary changes to compete and their test scores have soared.

Anyway, our ride took us along the canal dike; down into the … I’ll call it jungle where he took us through the bushes and we ended on the bank of the Rio Grande River. There is an area where they store the pontoon boat available to the residents. An alligator resides there too.


Kayaks and bicycles are available to use. Places to plant an organic garden are available plus an outdoor gun range.

Needless to say, we are impressed.

Jim is helping get people set up who want to come see the area so if you want to come by and check it all out let him know. They give free three day RV stays if you’ll take a no pressure tour. Not the owner’s wild ride. But that might be possible too.

Traveling Blessed USA