Special Friends

First of all I love having Facebook and emails to keep in contact with everyone while traveling. This is a great time to run all over the country yet keep in touch. All of us who are continually traveling can know where we each are, and meet to catch up whenever we’re close, or just want to make it happen.

So before leaving Alamo Facebook alerted us that some RV friends were close by in the valley. We decided to try to connect. I’m not going to use their names because even though I’ve told them I was going to write their stories I don’t want to embarrass them in any way. But if they ever write a blog I’ll let you know because they have lots of stories to tell.

The first time we met them we were parked next door to them. She ran over with ant spray to share with us. The people on the other side of her had said we all needed to keep the ants out of our coaches in Texas or they would be traveling with us. They had sprayed hers, and then she bought spray and shared it with us.

One evening we returned to our RV to an unusual sight. One RV had all their windows open and lights on and another had opened all basement doors and unloaded the content. The weather was cool so that was strange.

Next day our neighbor told us she was under the sink when she heard what sounded like rain. She heard something hitting the side as if a storm had moved in. When she looked out the whole side of their motor home was covered with sewage. The neighbor was dumping their holding tank and the hose had broken and was spraying their RV.  Of course, the owners were mortified, and apologetic, and willing to clean it all up even though they had been cleaning late into the night on their own coach.

Their neighbor also had the toilet back up as well and flooded the inside and basement of their home so everything stored there was a mess. The system needed a new hose that required a road trip to get parts after all the cleanup.

At the time we talked to them everything was cleaned up so we found the story horrifying yet funny. But some people have a gift for telling stories and as related to us it was hilarious. They really exhibited a healthy attitude about the event and made it humorous. Maybe the laughter was really relief that we were hearing it instead of living it.

But reality stepped in when she said, “My eyes were really burning.” Of course they were. How awful of us to laugh so hard. They  are some of those special people we meet that make life the adventure it can be.