Desert Hot Springs, California

On our travels we wanted to take time to really see California. Usually when we’ve come we’ve flown in so hadn’t really gotten acquainted with the state. Moving from the beaches of the Pacific we visited Coast to Coast Catalina Spa & RV Resort in Desert Hot Springs. We recommend it to fellow travelers. They have two large swimming pools heated by the hot springs. The water comes out of the spring at 130o and is cooled for the hot tubs and warm comfy pools that are always open. The water is completely exchanged in the pools twice a day so it takes very few chemicals to maintain.









We were out of season for pickle ball which seems to be the sport of the old people who are taking over some tennis courts. We’ll have to learn how to play.

What a perfect place to be for the blood moon eclipse. The night air was warm and the sky perfectly clear. Reflecting on the opportunity I thought, so this is retirement. We have time to enjoy some of life’s simple pleasure without concern for time pressures.

This area is warm desert where movie stars and others who want to escape the rush of city life go to get away. In fact, Palm Springs streets are named after movie stars. I hadn’t been to the area before, but when Jim saw the Palm Springs Airport he commented that he had flown there to sell one of their airplanes.

Hot springs bubble up from that dry sandy earth. We drove by an oasis of old palm trees. A spring feed the trees so they were large and left natural which created a mystical little green place in the beige world.

We also visited Thermal, California, where 95% of our dates are grown. I didn’t know dates grow on palm trees. We tried about ten different kinds of the all natural health food.

Joshua Tree National Park was surprisingly delightful. At the top of Keys View we looked across the valley and saw the Salton Sea which is 285 feet below sea level. We drove through unusual giant orange boulders that seemed to invite people to scamper up the walls. Then we finally started seeing the Joshua Trees. Some explorer said they were the ugliest trees he ever saw. The young ones weren’t much, but I thought the mature ones were interestingly unique.


Before we arrived at this park they had sand storms and had just cleaned all the dirt out of the pools. The weather was perfect while we were there. Another storm was expected the day after we left so everyone was preparing for more dust.

Traveling blessed