Traveling Blessed!

We have really found the title of our blog to be true as we are traveling blessed. As we left the coast on one of California’s six lane roads there had been an accident on the opposite side of the highway. The traffic was backed up almost the whole time we drove. We realized we had not been in any California traffic jams the whole time we were there.

When we thought we were to change highways which would have taken us into another back-up as far as we could see Jim didn’t take the turn. The GPS was saying one thing but showing something completely different. Somehow we ended up in a shopping mall parking lot. That is never good with a very large RV towing a Jeep to move around. But he maneuvered through just fine and we saw a green highway sign on the street at the end of the mall and were quickly on the highway we needed. Amazing.

Then he decided to stop for gas. After we bought our motorhome we measured the height so we would know how much room we needed to go under bridges, etc. No one wants to do damage to the air conditioners and satellite equipment on top. We determined we wouldn’t want to go under anything less than 13feet 6 inches but fourteen feet would be comfortable.

As he pulled into the gas station the cover looked a little low. Suddenly, I noticed the numbers twelve feet, six inches across the top. Not good. For us to back up we have to unhook our Jeep from the back and maneuver out of the tight spaces of the station, and then hook the Jeep on again.

So Jim had me get out to see if we could clear the cover. At the same time the gas attendant came out and told him he had other motor coaches fit. I questioned how that would be possible if the top was so low. The man insisted saying he would help watch to make sure we were safe. Sure enough we cleared with six inches to spare. Wonder who measured for those people.

So knowing your height is important. The other thing we’ve learned is our GPS lies to us, and sends us places we wish we hadn’t gone. However, we’ve learned they do make a GPS for RV travel. That could be helpful.

Our first outing we were traveling along a two-lane road our talking woman’s voice who often doesn’t know her right from her left sent us on. As we came around a curve Jim said he thought, I’d better watch for low bridges on this back road. (God speaks in a still small voice sometimes.) Sure enough, there was an old railroad bridge in front of us with the numbers thirteen feet six inches across the opening. The road was built up with many patches of asphalt from years of repairs. Was it really still that tall? He stopped in the road as people began to pile up behind us. We didn’t care. We were not going to drag the top of our brand new traveling joy through something too small.

Jim asked me to get out and see if we could get through. Traffic whizzed past as if they were used to the problem. As I walked to the front to see if I could tell if we would clear, a car zoomed by and stopped past the bridge. A woman got out and came back to talk to me. She showed me the scrapes on the top where trucks had not quite cleared. Then she said if my husband would drive all the way over to the edge of the road the tires would drop down below the crown of added asphalt and he could get through. She would help me watch. So I relayed the message to Jim. She stood at the front and I stretched on tippy-toes on the side watching as Jim dropped the tires in the low part and passed through just fine. I went over to the lady and asked to give her a hug. She said she would never refuse a hug. Then she shared she was on her way home from where she worked for the highway department, and lived just down the road. So she knew how the bridge scrapes got there.

Traveling Blessed.

Later, at one of the places we stayed we saw a trailer with all the stuff on top destroyed from a low clearance. We have also heard stories of rigs stuck under low clearance overheads at service stations. I heard of one that was stuck so tight they had to remove the overhead structure to retrieve it.