Fort Myers, Florida

We thought most of our possessions were gone when we started our travel experience. We did have a small storage space with what we thought was just enough stuff to set up a small apartment. However, when the boxes and furnishings came into our new house we were overwhelmed. We had planned to keep traveling Florida because we had all our winter reservations made, but we gave in and decided we needed to unpack first.

As it turned out that worked out well. I needed to fly to Rockford, Illinois to be with a daughter having surgery and our son and wife came to visit us for Christmas and friends stopped by as they moved south. I love how God orchestrates everything.

Florida Christmas Tree


Okay, things were settled in the house so we traveled on to Fort Myers. But the real story is our experience at Fort Myers Beach RV Resort, an Encore park. The location was close to everything so that was great. However, arriving we could see everyone was squeezed in very close and tight. The streets were one lane and old trees canopied the turns. We unhooked the Jeep and a worker led us down the first lane through mobile homes and trailers. At the end of the street there was a sharp turn. Two men saw we were going to need to make a sharp turn where someone’s house sat and a large tree hugged the road. I was reminded of my angel lady in the forest who magically got Jim past a ditch and through the trees. Were those guys going to be as proficient? They all tried and tried but 42’ was not intended to make such a tight turn. Finally, some other people who had parked with large motor homes said he had to go to the end of the road and come through another street, drive through one parking place that was open, across to the next street to get into our place. How exhausting. Who needs the pressure? No sooner were we in than our thoughts turned to how we would ever get out. So to all you large motor home people we want to alert you to stay away from this park. There is a lovely newer RV park down the street behind the new Wal-Mart. More expensive but worth it.

Anyway, the Fort Myers area has lots to offer. We only had a few days but were able to connected with the people we hoped to see including Jim’s brother. We checked out Sanibel Island and Captiva Island. The roads were packed with people enjoying the weekend. Many people were fishing and looked like they were having a really good day as we saw fish swinging from rods all along the way. My favorite mental picture was watching two men standing by what looked like a little lake with their lines out of the water as they watched a school of what looked like white bass, jumping everywhere. Maybe it was such an amazing sight they didn’t want to disturb them by fishing.

We quickly learned The Love Boat Ice Cream Parlor, next door to the RV Park, was the place for ice cream. They had long lines every evening. We recommend it too. Warning, or nice surprise, a small ice cream cup is four scoops.

I see I left you hanging by not telling you we did get out of the park just fine. Fortunately, the spot we drove through to get in hadn’t filled so Jim was able to back up to turn. As I took the car to the exit I stopped by the office and asked for another spotter. Just as needed, a worker showed up and asked our neighbor to move his car so we had more room and we drove right out (never to return).


Traveling Blessed USA


The Villages, Florida

Our blogs have been delayed because after visiting The Villages two more times we were hooked. The more we learned the more impressed we became with the way someone had created a beautiful town catering to retirement age people with such excellence. We continue to be impressed.

We found a house that was just perfect for us in the new area they are building and bought it. Here are a few pictures of some of the activities we enjoyed while waiting to close on the house.

They have a beautiful polo field where they compete in the spring and fall. When its not being used people fly model airplanes or kites overhead.

We had never seen a game so had to check it out. Golf cart drivers showed their skills with synchrinized driving at … I guess halftime. They even had senior cheerleaders, although we didn’t see any big jumps or cartwheels. Everyone was invited onto the field to press down all the divots, and Champagne was served in the center of the field for motivation. I guess it’s a big deal if you get one of the polo balls. A woman crawled into the bushes below us to capture one that was out-of-bounds. As we were leaving a few minutes before the game was finished, and before happy hour began, a ball was shot into the parking lot where our car was parked. We were curious to see exactly what the ball looked like because the referees picked them up with a hook on a long stick and the players bounced them on the end of their polo stick. (Hope polo players don’t read my description of their game) As I picked up the ball in the park lot people passing in golf cars cheered as if I had captured a prize possession. Who knew.










Sunset over our new neighborhood. Of course our house has a west view. I think it even rivals all the beautiful sunsets I enjoyed in Texas



One of the driving ranges. Sometimes the little island is white with golf balls.



A darling little roadster golf cart complete with hood and trunk.


Traveling Blessed USA