Williamsburg, Virginia

The community of Williamsburg takes pride in their Revolutionary War history. Most of the old homes are beautifully restored. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington both spent time here debating the merits of forming an independent country.

Colonial Williamsburg is a tourist attraction that is said to be the country’s largest and most popular living-history museum and one of the world’s finest. This is a great place for school age children and history buffs. History unfolds all day as actors in period costumes take on the life of their character and draw the town’s guests into their time period. They even rent costumes if anyone wants to join in.

We chatted with a lady sitting outdoors spinning wool into thread by hand. The baker was making cookies in a wood burning oven. The ceiling was chard with black smoke and the oven required a very high temperature and undivided attention. That was just the baking process. A lady in the street was teaching children a game.


In the old hospital, now a museum and theater, we found an amazing display of colonial furniture, dishes, doll houses, and piano’s from the period.


There were non-stop events and we chose to see what was at the theater. A large African American woman came onto the stage. She sat down and began to tell us all about herself as a free woman who owned land her father left her. He had received it for serving in the war. She could not marry or the land would belong to her husband. Her story was just one of the many performed with excellence by actors depicting the people who lived in the area during the colonial era.

Actor, Thomas Jefferson, as a political leader, gave a speech that was so profound it brought me to tears. I hope Jefferson was really like that. If those words weren’t really his, whoever is writing their material is very good.


Out on the streets, where the event really took place, General Cornwall stood on the steps and asked the people of Williamsburg to sign up to fight at Yorktown. His speech was impressive. If it was actually the words used the General was an inspired man. Actors cheered and joined the army. Children joined in line ready to be solders as well.


We moved to the Courthouse to see the fife and drum core on parade. The newly enlisted men and children followed onto the field behind them. George Washington came out on his mighty steed and gave a challenging speech that is as relevant today as ever, if it was the original. As he spoke he rode in front of us and looked each of us in the eye. I thought, “That is exactly how George Washington would have spoken to his men who were willing to give their lives to follow him into battle. He would want to know and remember their faces.









A child helped light the fuse. Cannons blasted. Guns shot. The Revolutionary War was about to come to an end.

This place could be visited many times. Each day there are different parts of Williamsburg history portrayed.

As we were waiting Jim watched a little four year old girl go over to admire a cute little blue eyed, curly headed blond two year old girl. She chatted with her and then leaned over and gave her a kiss. Then she ran excitedly back to her mother saying, “Mommy, I just kissed an angel.

Traveling Blessed USA


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