Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

As we followed our GPS through the narrow streets of Philadelphia and the early built row houses we could feel history surrounding us. Philadelphia is “Under Construction.” All along the main streets of downtown new high-rise apartment buildings and stores are going up. This city is thriving.


To get our bearings we took a bus tour around town. I found it hard to concentrate on historical Philadelphia with the busy life of the current city. However, I have finally stood before the Liberty Bell and in Independence Hall. We saw the Assembly Room of the State house, and the rooms where the Supreme Court and US Congress once met.




















We even saw the steps at the Museum of Art where Sylvester Stallone ran in the movie Rocky. We traveled on the same street the Pope will be using while in Philadelphia in September this year. Oh, and trivia. Did you know the game Monopoly was created by someone in Philadelphia? Many of the buildings, the railroads, and waterworks are named after places in this city.

As we waited to enter the rooms at Independence Hall we chatted with a young couple who were holding their darling little boy. They had not seen the historical sights of the city before either. They said they had been in Philadelphia a year ago because the best children’s hospital in the nation is there. The baby was going to be born with complications so the specialists were together with everything ready to do surgery on him the minute he was born. No one would have guessed that chubby little beauty had a thing wrong. They had come back because the next day he was going to have his one year check-up.

Traveling Blessed USA


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