Niagara Falls

When Jim and I discussed where we wanted to go on our travels across the country, Niagara Falls was at the top of my list. We have been many places around the world but I had never seen one of America’s most beautiful natural wonders. Looking at the map I realized why. You don’t just stop by and see the falls on your way to somewhere else. The area had to be our destination.

We stayed on Grand Island just outside the city of Niagara Falls, then drove across the toll bridge into town. On the bridge we could see the mist of the falls pluming into the sky long before we heard the falls mighty rumbling.

The waters of the five Great Lakes rush over three falls, Horseshoe Falls, Bridal Falls, and American Falls. The river’s crystal clear waters shot forth crashing down the rock walls leaving turquoise water rushing in the rivers current.



















We stood above the falls, took the Maid of the Mist into the spray, climbed stairs up the side of Bridal Falls and stood under the cold splashes. We viewed the falls through dinner, walked in the rain (in our left-over rain covers) on the Canadian side of the falls, and watched the colored lights transform the beautiful waters after dark.









We were pleased to see new roads and parks on the US side being created to make this wonderful place an even better experience.

The Erie Canal runs through the old town of Lockport, New York. I found it hard to image that one time the narrow ribbon of water was once the main source for moving product from the Great Lakes to New York City. Today many locks are still active but the waters are only used for leisure boating.

We can tell we’ve moved farther east by the age of the homes. Some are two hundred years old. Seeing them, I’m often reminded that our country is such a baby within the nations.

Traveling Blessed USA


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