Medina, Ohio

Medina was a good halfway stop on our way to Niagara Falls. The green rolling hills of Ohio created different scenery than the Indiana farms. High humidity and warm temperatures declared summer had arrived, and that we were close to the atmospheric conditions of Lake Erie’s waters.

Our campground was a nice Christian Family Camp with Sunday church right outside our door.

We hadn’t planned to spend much time in Ohio but we had one day to see a little bit. We chose Ohio’s number one attraction. the Pro-Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. I wondered why that town was chosen for the honor of housing America’s football history. We learned Canton was the birthplace of pro-football. They have done a fine job displaying the years of football history. All the hall of fame members have a bronze sculpture displayed. The Vince Lombardi Super Bowl trophy, and replicas of all the super bowl rings, are on display too. Now, when I see someone being inducted into the football hall of fame, I’ll know right where they are.












Some trivia: Did you know that the Wilson NFL footballs have   all been made by hand in Ada, Ohio since 1955?

Traveling Blessed USA


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