Rockford, Illinois

Rockford was our home for twenty years. Our three daughters still live there, and the two oldest grandchildren graduated from high school this year. We couldn’t miss those events.

These are our two miracle grandchildren. Nineteen years ago our daughter and son-in-law were told they would never have children. Our daughter-in-law was able to get pregnant but miscarried. She said later she thought maybe God didn’t want her to have children.

A little book called Supernatural Childbirth came on the scene. The book revealed all the scriptures that declare that it is God’s will for his handmaidens to have children. The next year our two graduates were born. Some of the girl’s friend’s also had babies after their mothers claimed the truth of the Word, too. This book is still in print if you know anyone wanting children.

So, as I watched these beautiful young people graduate with honors, and announce where they will be going to college, I was overcome with God’s faithfulness to bless us with the desires of our hearts.

We planned to be in Rockford a month to make sure we had time to spend with everyone. They have a great Park District with enjoyable golf courses. Jim was missing Pickle Ball and we found the Park District had that for us too. One problem, my second time there I backed up to hit a serve and stumbled on a little ledge I had been warned about the last time I was there. I thought about those words as I fell. I put out my left hand to catch myself as I came down. Something was wrong. I was faint but there was no pain.It felt as if I just needed someone to pull my hand out of my arm. We decided I should have it checked so we went to an Immediate Care. They x-rayed and showed us it was broken. I was really surprised. Doesn’t a person have pain if they break a bone? After some discussion we chose to see an orthopedic surgeon and were able to get in the next morning. After explaining to the doctor we were traveling, he said he had a cancelation the next morning. So I had surgery and went home. Two weeks later, after all our family events, he took the stitches out and said I was good to go. How efficient. The most pain I had was when one of the stitches stuck to my skin and burned when pulled out.

No therapy was needed. My fingers work fine. However, the first time I tried to type the blog my hand swelled too much. That is my last excuse for the blog being so delayed. Hopefully, it is our last bad report too.

Rockford is working hard to make the town a great place to live and visit. I’m so impressed with the activities they have for the community. We girls had a girl’s-day-out at the Starlight Theater matinee to see a great production of Mary Poppins, while the guys went to the airshow at the Rockford Airport.

An almost instant gathering of some of the great women of God I’ve known for many years was a delightful blessing.

Rockford is a beautiful place in the spring with colorful blooms and the green textures of what is called The City of Trees.

Here’s a picture of my favorite food in Rockford. Beef-A- Roo’s Veggie Club Sandwich. My grandson calls it salad in a bun. Tomatoes, cucumbers, red peppers, etc. Yum.

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