Still here…..

Greetings from Hershey Preserve near Hershey, Pennsylvania.  I know it has been a long silence as we spent our winter in only one spot.  We wintered in Mission, Texas but I will let Marian write more about that.  Just letting you know we are on the road again after working our way from the south Texas border to Rockford, Illinois for 2 grandchildren’s high school graduations and on to Niagara Falls after a short stay at the Entegra factory.

Marian will catch everyone up on our travels but I just wanted to give a heads up that we are updating our travel itinerary and would love to hear from friends that are close by.  Also if you know something we shouldn’t miss in any of these areas, please share that with us.  We always appreciate a little help from our friends.

Safe travels and God Bless!



One thought on “Still here…..

  1. So glad to hear from you. We often remember the great time we had with you two last summer. Could it possibly be a whole year ago?

    There is quite a large fire in Wenathcee right now. Our whole county is very dry and it has been very hot here.

    We are all doing fine, trying very hard to keep cool. We look forward to hearing about your travels.

    Drive careful. . . . . . . . Smiles, Doyle & Anita

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