Mission, Texas

Marian writes:

Just want to document our best price for diesel fuel was in Dennison, TX at $3.19 a gallon.

We have arrived in Mission, Texas where we plan to stop for the winter. After being on the go for so long I wonder how our gypsy feet will adjust.

Our new home is Bentsen Palm Valley RV Park. We decided to stay in this area for several reasons. We wanted to see if we would like to settle here. We’re also excited to have the chance to help our friends Bill and Ali who are Chaplin’s at a RV church in Alamo, with their church.

We were able to sign on as work campers. We haven’t taken the time to get involved anywhere else we’ve been, and we’ll only be working twenty-four hours each a week so we think it will be fun.

I didn’t know this park has been winning awards as the best mid-sized RV Resort in Texas and the nation. It is lovely with palm trees waving against the blue sky, and butterflies’ floating in the air like falling leafs. We were greeted by seeing a bush that was so full of butterflies they looked like fluttering blooms. There is 2600 acres here that borders the Rio Grande River with boating and kayaking as well as hike and bike trails that go for miles.



Most of the people here now are work campers so we’ve had some time to meet them, regroup and get organized, catch up on this blog, and get acquainted with the area.

I hear the butterfly watchers are coming in this week, and the bird watchers will be here soon.

Wonder what amazing things we’ll be experiencing here.

We would love to see you if you’re in the Rio Grande Valley this winter.

Traveling Blessed USA


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