Pueblo, Colorado and Dodge City, Kansas

Marian writes:


The RV surprised us as we climbed the snow dusted mountains of Monarch Pass which has an elevation of over 19,000 feet. The engine didn’t heat up and Jim was pleased we were able to pass the struggling trucks. The motor also adjusted for the fast decent. We have kept our eyes on those steep side roads that were made for the runaway trucks that can’t get stopped but were pleased we didn’t need one.

When we came into the campground I felt as if we’d lost all the scenery. All that remained was prairie grasses, horses roaming on the land beside us, and rolling terrain to the west.

While Jim went into Pueblo to shop for “serious” Jeep tires I watched a storm move toward us from the foothills. When the winds and dark clouds began to rumble across the sky the view of the landscape changed dramatically. The transformation was spectacular, and a little scary. Clouds rolled and the sky turned into awesome multicolors. The horses added to the beauty as they ran in confusion. Then just as quickly as the hope of moisture came to the dry ground of Colorado, the winds pushed the thundering movement north and barely left a spit.

We wanted to stop by Dodge City, Kansas as we prepared to move south before cold weather. We lived there about forty years ago and hadn’t been back so we hoped to connect with some long lost friends, and see how the town had changed.

Our church, which was my first home church, was thriving. And we were so delighted to find two of the couples we had shared so much fun with long ago. Such sweet memories were stirred.

Other thoughts came to the surface as we toured town past the home we had built. At the airport we were reminded that in the short seven years we lived there Jim took his first flying lesson, got his pilot license, began a new career flying, and owned his own airplane and charter company.

Even our son was born a Dodge City cowboy.

Nostalgia took on a whole new meaning to me. To reflect back on the thing that took place in our lives in those early years of our marriage, and renewing memories with old friends was a rich experience.

Traveling Blessed USA


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