Crater Lake, Oregon

Marian writes:

Our Senior National Park pass is well used by now.

So many people asked us if we had been to Crater Lake yet. When we told them we hadn’t they confirmed it was a place we wouldn’t want to miss.




























The lake was created when a 12,000 foot volcano called Mount Mazama erupted and then imploded. The lake is almost 2,000 feet deep and is said to be the cleanest large body of water in the world.

The rock walls around the lake change colors as the sun moves and seem to accentuate the blueness of the water which is almost mesmerizing. We arrived around noon the water must have been at its best for surely it was a perfect example of a blue crayon.

The little island that rises to an elevation of 6940 feet in the lake is called Wizard Island. It’s a cinder cone that formed from later eruptions.

My favorite surprise was Pinnacles Overlook. Colorful spires, 100 feet tall, are eroding along the canyon’s wall. The Pinnacles are “Fossil fumaroles.” (who knew) It is said volcanic gases rose up through a layer of volcanic ash, cementing the ash into solid rock. They were really weird and the setting sun continually changed the view. When the wind picked up they were almost spooky in their beauty.


















We got together for dinner again with Billy and John in Bend and also took advantage of a park activity in the middle of a charming community. A band and movie were provided. People had their blankets laid out all over. There were bouncy houses and a guy making balloon animals, swords, and guns. Even food trucks provided delicious flavors to enjoy. It was fun to relax and enjoy a lovely summer evening with the community. We watched the International Space Station pass over for the second night. It looked so close it might have been confused as an airplane but our Night Sky App confirmed what we were seeing.

Traveling Blessed USA


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