La Pine, Oregon

Marian writes:

La Pine had two nice RV parks south of Bend. As we drove to the area we pasted what was obviously volcano rock. There was also a cinder rock mountain with a road going up somewhere that seemed to call to me.

We met up with our friends Billy and John who were at the rally with their traveling business. Over dinner and a campfire we decided to explore the area together the next day.

Off we went to Lava Land. (That was a funny name to me even though it was appropriate) At the visitor center a wall of volcano rock had piled itself at the foot of a 5020 foot cinder cone. A ranger gave a great talk about the different types of rocks found in the area and how the cinder cones were created. There are over 400 of them close by.







We found it especially interesting that the astronauts trained there for their moon walk. And that the rock they found on the moon was the same as we were shown. Hum. Just say’in.

They only allowed ten cars to drive up the cinder cone at a time because that was all the parking there was. A ranger station serves at the top.

Then we ventured down into the Lava River Cave, a place where lava flowed and left a long empty tube. We had to take our own light into the complete darkness. Steep stairs and rough rocky trails led to the main room that was 30 feet tall.

Its vacation time and lots of families with small children were enjoying the adventure.

The obsidian flow is Oregon’s youngest lava flow (1,300 years old) and covers 12,000 acres.

We climbed up the blasted area and saw all the different stones the ranger had described. Pumas is almost weightless. It was created as the gases blow through the stone composites.

To finish our day we drove a gravel road to the top of Paulina Peak, elevation 7,984 feet. When we stepped out of the car and looked across the landscape my heart filled with delight. John had just gotten his first view and had a look of amazement too. What an awesomely beautiful place to finish our day. The pictures can’t possibly do it justice. There are two lakes below us.

This is some of the lava flow from our seven thousand foot view.

IMG_2130 IMG_2106



















The mounts are the cinder cone all across the area.

Traveling Blessed USA


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