Mount Hood, Oregon

Marian writes

Mount Hood RV Park is a beautiful area on the way to Mount Hood Mountain.


Timberline Lodge resides about 6000 feet up a good curvy road on Mount Hood. The National Historic Landmark was built in the late 1930’s by the workers of the Works Progress Administration. The men who built the rustic resort building were much more than carpenters. They were artist. As you enter a three-story bulky stone fireplace demanded a pause to reflect on the impressive construction. I was fascinated by the rugged door handles and hinges that were hand created. They were huge and primitive but worth stopping to appreciate. My favorite part of the lodge was the banisters. Each newel displayed an animal carving that was about ten-inches around. They didn’t appear to be chainsaw art but showed a rugged forest skill that had been smoothly polished with varnish.

We drove out to see the area on Sunday afternoon in August. There was still plenty of snow at the height of the lodge and the ski lifts were running. We watched a parade of people and kids descend the slopes carrying their snowboards. The sun was shining brightly as they stomped by in their boots toward the parking lot. Who would think of people snowboarding in August? I guess it would be those who live in the mountains.













We were also pleased to connect with Mark Seger and his family who live in Portland. They have a new son who is ten months old and a beautiful ten year old daughter.


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