California National Parks….Yosemite, Kings Canyon, Sequoia

Ah, the mountains. The pine trees. How does someone describe Yosemite National Park, Kings Canyon National Park, Sequoia National Park, and the forest? I do not have words to express the beauty and majesty of the redwoods, the splendor of powerful waterfalls, or the continual works of God at every blink. We took lots of pictures, but they fall far short of the wonder of it all. Let me just say we are on overload. I wanted to hold on to each view, and each impression, but the experience seemed to be something only for that one moment.

I saw a quote that set me to thinking. It wasn’t completely true so I changed it a bit to explain our feelings.

Only the spirit-man can comprehend what the eyes see.












Our spirits are full of wonder. Our vision has been stretched.

We visited the redwood forests. Fifteen thousand year old trees rose to the heavens. It would take twenty people arm-to-arm to go around some of them. One of the trees has been declared our national Christmas tree.

We stood on high cliffs and looked across the masses of mountain peaks. We stood in the valleys and craned our necks to see the marvels above us.

I’ll write especially of Kings Canyon National Park. It is a must see. There is a forest of redwood trees, but an added attraction was the beauty of the river and canyon we experienced. Every speck of the area was breathtaking. If we hadn’t stopped at a visitor center where a lady told us the drive to take, we might have missed part of the spectacular drive. The river was roaring (which isn’t always the case) and the rock walls were such a variety of colors my eyes hurt wanting to hold onto the beauty. The twists and turns of the two-lane mountain road ran along the canyon and the river for continual thrills.

This was a perfect time to be in the area. The parks are over-crowded in the summers. Also, it rained the day we got here so the waterfalls in the park were spectacular. Water gushed forth creating spray that left us wet. We heard the falls are often empty. Each local we talked with was pleased we were able to see their flow.

Traveling Blessed.

(Jim): The beauty was magnificent and majestic. It occurs to me that experiencing the overwhelming majesty of creation does not even begin to prepare us for the even more overwhelming majesty of the creator. A song written by Jack Hayford came to mind and seemed so appropriate. It is ironic that Jack was from California but started the song on a visit to England and Scotland when it fit so well with the majesty of the parks in California. It is of course the song “Majesty”.


“Majesty, worship His Majesty!

Unto Jesus be all glory, honor, and praise.

Majesty, Kingdom authority,

Flows from His throne, unto His own

His anthem raise.”


It seems to me that His creation declares His Majesty extremely well.

We truly are traveling blessed in a country blessed with such extraordinary beauty.


The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament shows His handy work. Psalm 19:1


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