Bass Lake, California

Tucked in the rural areas of mountains and lakes is Bass Lake. It’s a summer favorite for the locals. A plaque in the office is of a smiling bear. It says, “Bring more tourists. They are delicious.” The wild bear precautions around here are interesting. If you’re going to camp they provide bear boxes to put everything in that has a smell. I heard a man tell people not to leave any lotions or Rolaids in their car. He said the bears will even try to get in for bottled water if they see them, even though they have no scent.

I’ll share a funny story we heard. It sounds too silly to be true but he told it as truth. One of the couples we met shared that the wife is terribly afraid of bears. They have a fifth-wheel trailer and the husband told her they wouldn’t see any bears camping. At night he heard a loud noise and went to investigate. Two black bears were at the dumpster. One was pushing the medal structure across the park with his head. The other was on top banging the lid up and down trying to get it open. From bed his wife asked what the noise was. He told her it was nothing serious.

Now I don’t know, but if it were me I would have wanted to get a video of that scene.

Anyway, we arrived on the weekend so Sunday we went to a sweet charming church called “The Little Church in the Pines”. So appropriate. It was built of logs in the fifties and has a good sized piece of California land overlooking the lake. After church each week they serve lunch so visitors can get acquainted, and they have time for fellowship. We felt right at home.

(As we’ve visited with people and shared that we are following God’s leading in our travels, they question the concept. Realizing so many don’t understand what we mean, I think we’ll address that question in a future blog.)

Their announcements told about a western gospel sing that afternoon. We had no plans so decided to go. But we didn’t have an address for the Lutheran Church on highway 4-something. (That’s all we remembered) Googling didn’t help. We were ready to give up the idea when I picked up a postcard that shows an interest area on 4-something. Googling again the church name popped up with the info on their Sunday afternoon sing.









As we sat there enjoying the music the cultural experience was hard to wrap our mind around. We were two Texans greeted by people in cowboy hats in a Lutheran Church in the mountains of California listening to some of the best western gospel music we’ve heard. The musicians were first class. Afterwards, they too served refreshments and we visited with the people until it was time for the pastor to lock the doors.

Traveling Blessed


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