Pyramid Lake Recreation Area

Thinking this place was just a spot between destinations we recognized God was continuing to bless us with His guidance. Imminently, we knew we were there to pray. The place had lots of potential but needed maintenance. We spotted the cross on the hill above the park, and saw a building with a cross obviously used as a church.

We learned the RV Park was owned by the Korean family who was there. The father was a pastor and the resort was used as their church campground where other Korean churches, and leaders, come together to encourage each other and receive training.

It was a privilege to walk the grounds and pray for the people, their work, and the land.

Rosebushes scattered around the park were covered with huge blooms. The area was so dry and sandy I was curious what could be in the soil to create such a vibrant display of color.

To our unexpected surprise Hungry Valley State Vehicular Recreation Area was right across the highway from us. We had never heard of the 20,000 acres of trail to run around on with motorcycles, ATVs, and jeeps. One afternoon we checked it out, and then spent a day exploring. The workers told us they sometimes have two thousand people in there running around. We were glad to be there on a quiet weekday. When you topped some of the hills you didn’t know where the road went down, and had no idea if someone else would be coming up the other side.











We drove through trees and desert, curving valleys up to mountain tops on dusty dirt road. Power line Road was my favorite. At the top of the mountain the wind was gusting and birds were level with us, wings expanded floating in the air currents. I rarely covet but I so wanted to join them and fly.

Jim’s favorite place would probably be the enormous hill that he drove straight up and down with me squealing as we ascended and descended.(Oh, did I say (only) three times?)

We survived!

Traveling Blessed


One thought on “Pyramid Lake Recreation Area

  1. I love reading your posts, please keep them coming. They never fail to encourage me, always a word in due season.

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