Newport Beach / Huntington Beach, California












Aahh, the beach coast of California. We haven’t been here in a few years so first impression, they still have great respect and love for vintage cars. Beautifully restored cars are almost common on the road. I watched in a parking lot as a guy in classy restored wheels stopped to admire someone else’s old Mustang. The other mode of transportation I don’t usually see is skateboards which are still used widely. And bikes are definitely in.

The weather is still perfect. The mountains are still hazed by smog.











We have seen a lot of the tourist attractions in the area before. This trip was to visit relatives. We also took time to relax and enjoyed being by the water and marina.

After being away from city life for some time, our first morning we were a little startled to wake as the 7:00am curfew lifted for airliners to take off and they roared overhead. Sirens shrieked and fire trucks honked as the city awakened.

I finally got to be with my sister again. She has spent the last year recouping from Leukemia and a bone marrow transplant. We’re so grateful for what feels like a miracle. She is now cancer free and doing well.

Our nephew attends Saddleback Church so we wanted to go and check it out. Rick Warren, who wrote The Purpose Driven Life is pastor. So nice to see the huge congregation. The campus rivals any shopping mall in size and beauty. I picked up a postcard with a list of ministries through their Peace Community Resource Center. There were thirty-eight support groups listed for everything from abortion healing, to diseases I’d never heard of, to veterans support. Impressive.

Moving on to Desert Hot Springs, California


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