Earp, California

Finally made it to the western state of California. We have friends that said at our pace of about 3 hours of driving and a minimum stay of 3 days we would never get out of Texas. When you go long enough in one direction you eventually arrive somewhere else. Now I must admit that Earp is barely in California. One side of the Colorado river is California and the other side in this area is Arizona. That said we did arrive in California. Really.

We missed Earp our first time though. The only building was a small post office that read “Wyatt” Earp, California. There might have been a small market on the other side of the road but I blinked so don’t know for sure. This tiny spot sits on the California border side of the Colorado River, and is also the place the time zone change from Mountain Standard Time to Pacific Daylight Time. Which in summer with DST means the time doesn’t change.







Emerald Cove RV Park is on the shore of the river. What beautiful refreshment for my eyes after all the dry deserts. The water was clear and reflected ocean colors.

When we lived in England and visiting London regularly I thought someday I need to see the original London Bridge. It crosses the river at Lake Havasu, Arizona which we found to be a delightful small community. Of course, the Tower Bridge is a more beautiful replacement but its neat the original still exists











Spring Break was in full swing so a parade of boats floated through the narrow waterway full of people happy to be out in the warm sun. There were large, beautifully colored speedboats that rumbled in that sound men love. I think the deep bass vibrations would be translated “I Am Power.” And there were all types of other boats. Some were homebuilt; just get me on the water, vessels. I took a picture of a boat for my “Pink” friends at Gateway.












A lovely walking path ran along both sides of the river under London Bridge so we decided to see where all the boats were going. They moved slowly and find a spot on the little beach to anchor their boats. A party cove was forming. While we were there everyone was just enjoying the day. A police presence was continual. One couple pulled a wagon with a cooler full of ice and bottled water and they were giving it away to keep everyone hydrated. This community welcomed the visitors and planned to keep their community safe.

We really liked the area. Lots of new growth. People must be finding it a good place to live.

On the road between the two towns Parker Dam spans the river, and there are signs to watch for burrows on the road. We passed them on our drive over the dam returning to Arizona and decided we should get a picture on the way back. Most of the animals were gray but we also saw one black momma with her colt. A couple had stopped to take pictures of several including the cute fluffy back one. He looked like a stuffed toy. So Jim stopped for me to get a picture of the little fellow. The lady was concerned getting too close. She asked, “Will they attack us?”













I hadn’t considered the possibility but decided it might be wise to be cautious. We got our pictures and chatted a bit. I guess the burrows decided we were friendly because they headed toward us. I said, “Goodbye” and headed for the car. She took off, too. From inside I got a picture of the critters trying to get into their windows. How nice to see animals roaming freely.



One thought on “Earp, California

  1. Love the updates! And we are taking a few days in our motorhome to go on a bluebonnet fields search. And thinking of you. We have the heat on this morning! Hard to believe it’s Texas in April!

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