Benson, Arizona

I felt it was a special blessing to me when we walked into the office on arrival, and I learned they had water aerobics each day in the heated pool. Neat.














Then I looked on the wall and saw a poster of Biosphere 2. That was the one place I thought I’d like to see in Arizona but hadn’t tried to find out where it was. For you Fort Worth, Texas people, Ed Bass financed this amazing engineering project for research in self-sustaining space-colonization. People were sealed inside in 1991-1994 as a human mission. Now it has been given to the University of Arizona as a research facility. I found the architecture and engineering feat more awe inspiring than any research.

A lot of full-time people stay in this area all winter. This year they have stayed a little longer than they usually do. The ones from Colorado still had three to five feet of snow at home. So we enjoyed getting acquainted. One couple shared fishing stories. The lady had caught a forty-three inch lake trout. He husband told the story of an Indian guide taking him fishing and him catching twenty lake trout over thirty-six inches long.

Another family had four children with them. They sold their house and are traveling the country homeschooling their children. Ages nine to fourteen they are seeing the places they are studying about. Their beautiful daughter said they have seen thirty-nine states so far. Because it was still too cold to go to their next destination the father was working for the park. What a perfect time to make great memories as a family.

The produce at the store was impressive. Everything was so fresh and green. Yuma, Arizona grows the wonderful vegetables we’ve been enjoying.

Chiricahua National Monument was recommended as an amazing hike into some unusual rock formations. The pictures will have to show you what we found. Nature never ceases to be amazing.





























Moving on to Tombstone, Arizona we found the town nicely restored as a tourist attraction. History says in 1887 Ed Schieffelin was with a scouting expedition against the Apaches. In his free time he went rock hunting. Others teased him saying all he was going to find was his Tombstone. One day he came back with a chunk of silver so he named his first mine Tombstone. The town had a radical mining history. We know the stories of Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday, etc. and they are milking that history for all its worth.

The lady at the information center was very informative. You could buy tickets to five different gun shootings. Pay to get into a number of museums. One has the longest living rosebush according to Guiness Book of World Records we were told. You can even take night tours to see the five ghosts that haunt the town. She shared they have haunted the television show about ghosts.

I thought the whole place was overkill. No pun intended. But let’s face it. There isn’t a whole lot going on around there. It did seem to be a good destination for motorcycle rides.



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